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Neuraspace unveils free SYNC and subscription-based PRO tiers for its Space Traffic Management platform


Both tiers feature a new real-time information exchange between satellite operators and automated high-risk conjunction management

Coimbra, Portugal, 23 April 2024 Neuraspace, a European-born global leader in space traffic management (STM), has launched SYNC, a free version (tier) of its end-to-end STM platform, and the subscription-based PRO tier. Both tiers are software-as-a-service (SaaS) and feature a new real-time and collaborative exchange between satellite operators. This enables them to better manage their STM operations and instantly discuss and share information when their assets are involved in potential collision risks.

This shared perspective on critical conjunctions via automatically triggered chat rooms improves decision-making, optimises manoeuvre planning and propulsion usage, and leads to a reduction of mission disruption cost. Allowing transparent and efficient coordination between satellite operators from a single dashboard also fosters global collaboration and coordination, a necessity for improved space traffic safety. Being able to exchange information in real-time further mitigates collision risks, accidental crashes and debris-generating events.

Both SYNC and PRO users keep benefitting from tracking and monitoring satellites, receiving automated conjunctions alerts and analysis, and streamlining their operations. This automated high-risk conjunction management reduces time and effort and would otherwise require costly manual updates and maintenance of the data. Neuraspace estimates that it can save up to 80 per cent of human conjunction screening time. In addition, the standard format of both the tiers enables seamless data exchange and interoperability with other systems or platforms.

In the PRO tier of Neuraspace’s STM platform, users also receive collision avoidance manoeuvre suggestions, conjunction analysis with Neuraspace proprietary ML predictions, manoeuvre management and automated screening, and GNSS (global navigation satellite system) custom integration. The latter eliminates the need for the satellite operator to switch multiple systems as the Neuraspace platform provides the capability to incorporate custom integrations and deliver insights, all at one place. 

Bryan Dean, CEO of Dragonfly Aerospace, said: “Dragonfly Aerospaces is a dedicated user of the Neuraspace PRO tier, which enabled us to significantly enhance the operational safety, efficiency, and longevity of our satellite, EOS SAT-1. The Neuraspace STM platform, with its cutting-edge AI and ML features, provides us with timely and accurate collision avoidance manoeuvre suggestions. It also offers comprehensive conjunction analysis, using Neuraspace’s proprietary ML predictions, and enhances our commitment to sustainable space exploration.”

Chiara Manfletti, CEO of Neuraspace, said: "As orbits become increasingly crowded, the demand for efficient and unified collaboration platforms is greater than ever to guarantee safe and sustainable space operations. With SYNC and PRO, we are giving operators a game-changing tool that promotes transparency and collective efforts, streamlines workflows, and minimises disruption risks. Open exchange platforms like SYNC and PRO will be integral to ensuring the prosperity and sustainability of space for generations to come."

Key features of both SYNC and PRO include:

  •     Real-time chat for instant coordination between operators
  •     Automatic creation of chat rooms during high-risk conjunctions
  •     Accurate information on satellite position
  •     Conjunction filtering and analysis automatically performed upon data arrival
  •     Flexible notification options for customised collision alerts


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All these developments have benefited from the results of the AI Fights Space Debris project, C626449889-00463050, funded by  PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan, with a budget of 25M€. The project aims to support the growth of Neuraspace and its Space Traffic Management Platform, an exclusive product for satellite operators, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, designed to carry out safe space operations and avoid collisions with space debris and other satellites. The Consortium is led by Neuraspace and in partnership with GMVIS Skysoft, S.A, Instituto Pedro Nunes,  University of Coimbra, Nova Faculty of Science and Technology and IST.

Thank you Recuperar Portugal and IAPMEI, I.P. - Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação for your immense support.


About Neuraspace

Established in 2020, Neuraspace is a European-born company that provides solutions and services to make space safe, secure, and sustainable. We offer real-time automated space traffic management, routine space mission support software and resilient mission design, focusing on sustainability. We leverage new-age technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to process data, automate processes, and offer valuable insights. Our SaaS platform facilitates coordination among satellite operators, while our Data as a Service product offers comprehensive space situational awareness.

Neuraspace has raised 2.5 million euros from Armilar Venture Partners and a further 25 million euros for sensor infrastructure and its growth strategy with the support of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and NextGeneration EU Funds. To know more, visit or check out our LinkedIn.


Image credits: © Neuraspace