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NanoAvionics selects Neuraspace for Enhanced Safety and Sustainability in Space Operations


NanoAvionics to integrate Neuraspace’s space traffic management solution into its end-to-end small satellite mission services

Washington, DC, USA, and Coimbra, Portugal, 19 March 2024 Neuraspace, a European-born global leader in space traffic management (STM), announced that Kongsberg NanoAvionics (“NanoAvionics”) has selected Neuraspace’s space traffic management (STM) solution, based on artificial intelligence for its own end-to-end small satellite mission services.

Satellite manufacturer and mission integrator NanoAvionics will make Neuraspace’s STM system for collision analysis, manoeuvre planning, and improving space sustainability part of its LEOP (launch and early orbit phase) and operations package. In addition to enhanced safety for satellites, NanoAvionics and its customers will benefit from automated spacecraft operations such as collision analysis and manoeuvre planning, ensuring their assets are protected at all times.

Žilvinas Kvedaravičius, CEO of NanoAvionics, said: "At NanoAvionics, ensuring sustainable space operations has always been a core focus, and we've continually employed collision avoidance tools to maintain this. The integration of Neuraspace's software-as-a-service into our service portfolio marks a significant advancement in our efforts.

“This enhancement builds upon our existing methodologies for space traffic management and aligns with the increasing demands from our customers who are committed to meeting the sustainability targets set by their stakeholders, regulators, and end-users. By incorporating Neuraspace's advanced solutions into our mission planning and operations, we are taking a proactive step towards even more responsible and efficient space mission management."

Using Neuraspace’s STM system reduces the need for manual labour, which is also a cost factor. Additionally, the platform minimises mission disruptions and can help lower insurance premiums through improved space debris mitigation.

Neuraspace’s solution can also enable additional earnings by extending the satellite lifetime, for example by avoiding using valuable fuel for unnecessary manoeuvres and providing enhanced services such as priority manoeuvres.

Chiara Manfletti, CEO of Neuraspace said: "We look forward to delivering our solutions and services and aim to empower NanoAvionics and its customers with enhanced safety and efficiency in space operations. The Neuraspace solution addresses both current and future space sustainability requirements and thus contributes to the overall sustainability of space and the space industry.

With the support of our customers, Neuraspace is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the space traffic management industry."


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All these developments have benefited from the results of the AI Fights Space Debris project, C626449889-00463050, funded by  PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan, with a budget of 25M€. The project aims to support the growth of Neuraspace and its Space Traffic Management Platform, an exclusive product for satellite operators, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, designed to carry out safe space operations and avoid collisions with space debris and other satellites. The Consortium is led by Neuraspace and in partnership with GMVIS Skysoft, S.A, Instituto Pedro Nunes,  University of Coimbra, Nova Faculty of Science and Technology and IST.

Thank you Recuperar Portugal and IAPMEI, I.P. - Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação for your immense support.


About Neuraspace: Established in 2020, Neuraspace is a European-born company that provides solutions and services to make space safe, secure, and sustainable. We offer real-time automated space traffic management, routine space mission support software and resilient mission design, focusing on sustainability. We leverage new-age technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to process data, automate processes, and offer valuable insights. Our SaaS platform facilitates coordination among satellite operators, while our Data as a Service product offers comprehensive space situational awareness.

Neuraspace has raised 2.5 million euros from Armilar Venture Partners and a further 25 million euros for sensor infrastructure and its growth strategy with the support of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and NextGeneration EU Funds. To know more, visit or check out our LinkedIn.

About NanoAvionics: Kongsberg NanoAvionics is reshaping the space economy with our standardised small satellite platforms. We offer efficient, cost-effective satellite products and services that help organisations launch their space missions swiftly. Since 2014, over 120 projects in 50 countries have trusted us for our experience, technology and higher return on their satellite investment. We're a globally local team of close to 300 international professionals with dedicated facilities in Lithuania, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As part of Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace since 2022, we're further strengthening our commitment to robust, innovative, secure and reliable space solutions.

NanoAvionics is proudly accelerating the pace of space-based connectivity or remote sensing, one satellite constellation at a time. | Twitter:

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