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Neuraspace supports the recovery of lost satellite




A client using Neuraspace's Space Traffic Management (STM) solution launched a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite but lost communication with it a few weeks later.

The client's initial position data came from public satellite catalogues, but publicly available TLE (Two-Line Element) data updates were inconsistent, ranging from daily to ten-day intervals. This made it difficult to pinpoint the satellite's location and troubleshoot the communication issue.


The client contacted Neuraspace for assistance. The Neuraspace team reacted quickly and initiated a continuous 48-hour observation campaign over the weekend.

By leveraging our network of sensors through trusted partners, we were able to:


Additional Insights

The analysis of the satellite's geometry and photometric data acquired during the campaign revealed that the spacecraft was likely tumbling slowly. This valuable information provided the client with additional clues for troubleshooting .

Benefits of Neuraspace's Contingency Service

This case study highlights the importance of accurate and timely satellite tracking data, especially during critical mission phases like launch, early orbit (LEOP), manoeuvres, and collision avoidance.

Neuraspace's contingency service offers clients the following benefits:

  • More precise orbit determination, particularly during critical phases.
  • Independent verification of satellite position data.
  • Faster response times in case of communication loss or other anomalies.
  • Additional insights gleaned from comprehensive data analysis. 


Our expertise and our network of partners with advanced sensor capabilities make us a valuable resource for satellite operators. By providing accurate, up-to-date tracking data and insightful analysis, we help clients automate operations building on space situational awareness intelligence, maintain operational capability and resolve critical issues.


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