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Dragonfly Aerospace Selects Neuraspace for Enhanced Space Sustainability through Smarter Space Traffic Management


The Neuraspace Space Traffic Management platform will be used by EOS SAT-1, the world’s first agricultural-focused satellite. 

Coimbra, Portugal,  11 Sep 2023 - Dragonfly Aerospace, a commercial leader in satellite imaging technology, announces a strategic partnership with Neuraspace, a leading provider of smarter space traffic management (STM), to explore Neuraspace’s STM platform for space sustainability.

Dragonfly Aerospace will be using the STM platform for its EOS SAT-1 satellite for conjunction analysis and receiving manoeuvre suggestions. EOS SAT-1 is the world's first agriculture-focused satellite and the first in a seven-satellite constellation, providing the agriculture and forestry industry with high-quality data and analysis.

With the integration of the Neuraspace STM platform, EOS SAT-1 will benefit from enhanced capabilities to autonomously manoeuvre and avoid potential collisions with other objects in space. This safeguards the satellite and contributes to the overall reduction of space debris, a growing concern in space.

"The partnership between Dragonfly Aerospace and Neuraspace represents a crucial step forward in our commitment to sustainable space exploration," said Bryan Dean, CEO of Dragonfly Aerospace. "We are excited to leverage the Neuraspace STM platform to ensure the safety and increased operational efficiency and longevity of EOS SAT-1.

Neuraspace's STM platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of satellite operators, promote responsible space practices, and safeguard the future of space-based missions. By choosing Neuraspace as a partner, Dragonfly Aerospace reaffirms its dedication to environmentally conscious and sustainable space endeavours. We believe that space sustainability is critical to the future of our industry, and we are committed to doing our part to advance this important goal."

“This collaboration with Dragonfly Aerospace marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of deploying sustainable space practices,” said Chiara Manfletti, Director & COO, of Neuraspace. “Our STM platform is a critical tool for ensuring the safe and sustainable use of space, and we are eager to witness its support for the EOS SAT-1 satellite. This partnership underscores the significance of cooperation among industry leaders in promoting space sustainability. The Neuraspace STM platform is poised to revolutionise the way satellites operate in the Earth's increasingly crowded orbital environment. By providing AI-based space traffic management solutions, Neuraspace enables satellite operators to ensure the safety and longevity of their missions while contributing to a more sustainable space ecosystem.”

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About Dragonfly Aerospace

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About Neuraspace

Neuraspace is a European-born STM leader, established in 2020, with the goal of combating space debris with Artificial Intelligence by developing an advanced system for monitoring and preventing collisions in space. Neuraspace has raised 2.5 million euros from Armilar Venture Partners and a further 25 million euros for sensor infrastructure and its growth strategy with the support of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and NextGeneration EU Funds. The Neuraspace platform solves the issue of space traffic at large through an end-to-end automated solution.

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