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AI for Space Traffic Management

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In the Journal: Journal of Space Safety Engineering


  • Chiara Manfletti, Director & COO, Neuraspace
  • Marta Guimarães, AI Researcher, Neuraspace
  • Claudia Soares, University of Nova, Departamento de Informática

The space industry is rapidly growing, and the space situational market alone is expected to contribute $1.5 billion to the industry by 2040. However, satellite operators are already paying the price of space debris, and current approaches for collision avoidance and space traffic management face serious challenges. These challenges include insufficient data, a high number of false alerts, and a lack of scalability and automation for an increasing number of assets. Download this paper, published in the Journal of Space Safety Engineering that explores the potential of AI for Space and presents some of the advances made by Neuraspace in Space Traffic Management.

Download the paper to know more about:

  • The current orbital situation
  • Latest advances made by Neuraspace in Space Traffic Management
  • Economic benefits of new approaches
  • Looking forward: the role of public and private sectors for
    space traffic management, and more..

Download the paper